Do You Remember How You Learnt To Read?

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In all probability you will not remember as that phase as someone said is ancient history. But for your child it could be an unpleasant present, if reading is a chore that needs to be done every single day simply because the teacher at school or a parent at home insists upon it. Needless to say, the chances of your child picking up the reading habit is extremely low. 

Imagine you are learning a new language, with a totally different script to make things worse. It is going to take time for you to grasp and if someone sat you down to make you read each day, insisting that you must read whether you like it or not, what would you do? You probably will go ahead and do it as in all probability you volunteered to learn the new language or you are forced to learn for professional reasons. If it is the latter reason, sure it can add a lot of stress to your life!

That is how it is for children too. If you insist that they practice reading because it is going to keep them in good stead in the future, it is hardly going to work. Children are about enjoying every minute in the present. By telling that that developing a skill now is going to do them good in the future, makes no sense at all to them.

Children are about enjoying every minute in the present. By telling that that developing a skill now is going to do them good in the future, makes no sense at all to them.

They crave for attention and love. Reading a book together is a great way to spend time together, talk about many things, paving way to many fascinating questions that may not have risen otherwise. What could be a better way to find answers to all those questions by reaching out books and reading all about a subject? Books are then associated with fun, love, spending time with a parent, finding answers to questions and not a chore that needs to be ticked off every single day.

Reading to make them feel important

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Long texts are daunting to read. How about small messages in post it’s stuck on the fridge or someplace that attracts attention? These could be addressed to the child and could be reminders or short and simple instructions such as “Keep the jam inside the fridge.” The focus is no longer on their ability to read, but the parent shows that the child is trusted to be capable of reading and following simple written instructions. It is a huge confidence booster and kids tend to feel important when parents show confidence in a child’s ability to do something.

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Reading Can Help Your Child Accept Sadness, As Just Another Emotion

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Do you squirm when a story you are reading to your child gets really sad? Are you worried how your child will react on knowing that his or her favourite character dies? By wishing that sad emotions just disappear does not make them go away but stay hidden deep inside, waiting to burst at a later point of time.

Talking about feelings while reading a book

Reading a fictional book where drama happens, people go through bad times and perhaps rise later, death occurs etc. gives room for some difficult discussions to happen in a stress free environment. After all the story is a figment of someone’s imagination. This is a lot easier when compared to facing the same event in real life or reading about a real life tragedy in the newspaper. No doubt reality hits harder than fiction. But what fiction does is that it gives your child the peace of mind required to raise some difficult questions and seek truthful answers.

Stories such as Lion King, Charlotte’s Web, Gangsta Granny have a knack of drawing you into an incredibly absorbing story, make you love each character and then something happens to the most likely favourite character. It is bound to make the reader feel shock at first and then be overcome by emotion. A six year old is in tears when he gets to know that Charlotte, the Spider in Charlotte’s Web eventually dies. His mother holds him close and lets him cry. She does not answer his question, “Why does Charlotte have to die?” immediately. She lets him express his feelings and then after a while explains that feeling sad is normal, happens to everyone and in those times people take care of each other. She lets him know that she is there to take care of him now. Find this story

Accepting the fact that any other emotion, other than happiness is ok and can be dealt with

As adults we are prone to a variety of emotions. Wishing therefore that children must experience only happiness is unrealistic and does not prepare them for the future in anyway.  Feeling sad or disappointed is just another emotion and reaching out to someone close to cry out or just talk is the normal thing to do. Similarly, reaching out to someone close in distress is the right thing to do is a basic lesson that all children need to learn early on to be good human beings.

A variety of children’s books exist today that enable you to curl up with your child and talk about a variety of subjects from a third person’s perspective. What could be a better way to learn and accept different emotions and how to deal with them?


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New Story In Every Personalised Story Book

Every child is unique and deserves to feel special. We at MerryGoBooks strive to make every child feel like super star in a story written from the scratch, specially for them, keeping their specific interests in mind. 
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Why not standard stories to choose from?

  • Standard stories lose the element of surprise before the book is delivered as you already know the story before you place the order. So when you read along with your child, the thrill of finding out what would happen next is lost, as you already know the story. On the other hand, when you order a book with MerryGoBooks, you can have the pleasure of discovering what happens next with your child.
  • Standard stories don’t give you the option of including people your child loves in the story.
  • Standard stories enable you to make it only about your child. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be in a storybook, with people whom your child loves? It could be anyone parents, grandparents, cousins, best friends and so on. It is the perfect way to preserve some very special memories.
  • Standard stories need not necessarily cover all your child’s favourite characters. At some level it is impossible.
  • Non-standardised books by MerryGoBooks makes it possible to make even wild combinations to come true. Let’s say there are two children who are best friends who would be very happy to appear in the same story book.  One likes Spider Man and the other Mermaids? Not a problem. At MerryGoBooks we can spin a take that makes room for both Spider Man and Mermaids!


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Making Your Child Feel Like A Super Hero


Children’s Books go a long way in enabling your child to believe in oneself. Personalised Story Books makes it one step closer. Here is how…

Two and half year old Adrian hated the idea of pre-school. His mother, Sophie thought it was separation anxiety and did a lot of things she could think of to ease the process. Nothing helped. Several months later, she found out why. Adrian started to weep when he could not make something on his own. The mother tried to comfort him and offered to help. In response, Adrian said inbetween sobs, “My teacher is right. I cannot do anything on my own. I am useless!”

The revelation hit Sophie hard. She wanted to take it up with the school but the teacher had moved. When she turned towards Adrian, she worried about the long term impact of that teacher’s statement on her child.

Over the years, she saw her child give up easily. She saw him throw tantrums when he could not do the simplest of things the first time. She chose story books to help him as he loved stories. Together they read stories of children who were labelled as something but found the confidence within to believe in themselves and not take every comment give at its face value. Adrian improved over time. He loved comics and started to create his own from the scratch. The protagonist in his comics is always someone who finds the way in the most difficult situations.

Personalised Books as a means to boost self esteem

Deep down we like stories where the weak character emerges as the strong one in the end, in spite of all the odds. In Adrian’s case, reading several books that showcased the supposedly weak character emerging strong inspite of the odds, reinforced the fact, that he too could do the same. The happiness he derived in that realisation got reflected in the comics he created.

Personalised books help in taking this concept a little further by enabling the main character of the book to represent the child, in a story specially written to suit the child’s specific interests along with a whole lot of familiar elements. Familiar elements could be in terms of known people, known surroundings, familiar situations etc. Familiarity helps reduce tension and enables the child to enjoy the story even when there are twists and turns, challenges that the main character must face and in the end, the main character representing the child, always finds a way. Rereading the same personalised book over and over again, reinforces the fact that the child is capable of finding solutions even in tough situations. This goes a long way in boosting self esteem and confidence.

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