Sample Personalised Story Book

Note: This is only a sample. Every book created for you will have a different story to meet your specific requirements better. To know more about my writing experience, please see About Section


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Background to the book

This book was created while I was talking to several children to find out what they thought of the concept. Many of them loved the concept and even drew up long wish lists. This particular book was created for a sister-brother duo who agreed to be a part of the pilot project.  They loved reading storybooks that has mysteries being solved. Hence the book created for them shows them solving a mystery together.

Once, I received the hard copies from the press, I met them.  They looked sceptical and took their time with the book. While I waited, I saw the boy feeling his pictures with pride as his older sister read out the story to him. When she finished reading, they both looked up with a smile. Rahul* asked “Can we take it with us? I want to read it again. I like the story very much.” Needless to say, I was more than willing to give them a copy. Their mother was nice enough to reach out to me later and tell me that her children loved the book so much, that the book goes to bed with them every night.

If you would like to create a magical experience such as this one for your children and would like to know more about how their book turned out, please feel free to read the sample copy below.

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*Names changed to protect privacy.