Personalised Story Books

Children love to see their names in a story. Based on that fact, MerryGoBooks offers personalised story books, in which the child you love or care for, appears as the protagonist, in a story written specially for them. The story written can be customised at several levels as shown below: 

1. To begin with the child appears as the protagonist

2. The story is fine tuned to the child’s specific interests- eg: adventure, fantasy, friendship stories, animal stories etc.

3. Other characters to appear in the story can be anybody the child knows such as parents, grandparents, cousins, siblings, best friends, etc.

4. The story written can be purely fiction or partly fiction that would weave memorable moments into the story.

Please note that every personalised story book created is considered private. In other words the child is the sole owner of the book, unless you choose to make copies for distribution. 

To place an order for a special personalised story book for a child you care for, please write to