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Wondering How To Interest Your Child In Reading? Try Poetry

An Illustrated Book Of Poems That Would Keep Kindergarten Children Entralled!


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The post office,  the police station, the bank, the railway station and many more places are described beautifully through little poems with a lot of rhyming and descriptive words.  Each poem is a visual picture which helps the child visualise what Poonam is talking about and be able to recognise these when he actually sees it! A wonderful resource for pre- field trip orientation for little children for the teacher to use. And who said I don’t know what to do with my child/ children in summer holidays? A parent can make holidays interesting for his/ her child using the second half of the book which gives a generous dose of tips for discussion and activities. This book is unique in its contribution to building a child’s life skills and awareness of surroundings apart from being a rich resource for teachers. Definitely one to have in your collection!”

-Jayashree Rajanahally, 

Special Educator, Brindavan Education Trust


The eternal search for poems for everyday situations ends here with Poonam Sethi’s book- “Fun With Poems”. Today’s children tire of everything very easily and it’s a teacher’s daunting task to keep that wandering mind engaged in a way that she can pack in as much as possible. 

The poet has picked out daily situations and set it to beautiful rhyme. A poem can be said to simply enjoy the rhythm and is a perfect lead to a productive class discussion. The scope of each poem in this book, is endless. Each of the situations have been chosen with great care and the poems can be used to prepare a child for what is ahead, a journey to the airport or railway station or a department store or a bank. 

Poonam’s connect with children flows into her poetry. She sees the world through a child’s eyes and weaves it into a beautiful rhyme. It is a wonderful book for every little child. The activities and discussion points give the teacher or parent a natural progression for every poem. 

A true treasure in children’s poetry! 

Nisha De Souza, 

Primary School Teacher, Bangalore.


With decades of teaching and sharing, Poonam knows exactly how to catch the little ones attention. Keeping 50 kids in a classroom, awesomely attentive is no mean task. This book of poems is full of strategies to do just that and lots more. The poems are well embedded with rhyme and rhythm that will enhance every child’s reading, comprehension and vocabulary building skills.  The themes are extremely easy to visualise, act out and understand .

To lots of joyful reading for parents and children, I’m sure every time it is read again, there’s something new to experience and use. I know I did that.

Looking forward to more from you , Poonam…

-Gayathri Krishna, Trustee, Brindavan Education Trust


Fun With Poems” is not just a book of rhymes. It is a book of rich, day to day reflections & experiences of teachers & students, meant to awaken appreciation for everyday activities that we tend to perform in a lacklustre manner. A most handy handbook for creative teachers. Congratulations Ms.Poonam Sethi & Ms.Lakshmi Mitter of MerryGoBooks. 

-Sister Mary Aneeta, S.N.D, Vasai (W), Maharashtra.


Poonam Sethi’s book “Fun With Poems” is a unique book of poetry!!  She covers topics that little children may not have had first-hand experience with but are important to know. Some of these include visiting the library, making transactions at the bank, the post office, the railway station and even the role of a policeman. Ideal for classroom teaching as well as at home, this book is a useful guide that provides a roadmap to introducing a new topic, options for field trips, discussion points and activities that can be easily organised. As a mother of 6 year old twin boys, I was particularly pleased with the different ideas it gave me, to discuss with my children, as we covered one subject after another. My children thoroughly enjoy reading this book and I often find them curled up in a corner, reading it. 

-Nisha George

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