Who doesn’t like stories?

There is something magical about stories. They have the power to retain the attention of any child, provided they are told in the right manner. They have the capacity to teach children anything they must learn.   Stories have the ability to reach out and comfort a child in distress and let him or herContinue reading “Who doesn’t like stories?”

Some children simply hate reading! Here is why.

  Jaishree decided to accept the fact that although she followed every recommendation in the book to encourage children to read, her daughter did not pick up the reading habit. A voracious reader herself, this was something that was extremely difficult for her to accept. But having hit a wall, she succumbed to the feelingContinue reading “Some children simply hate reading! Here is why.”

How to make use of pictures in children’s books to make reading fun?

“Pictures attract and motivate a child to pick up a book, as much as an interesting title does. Children dwell in pictures. As a child, I used to spend hours gazing at one picture, and imagining myself in that scene. I hope kids still do that, in spite of tv and videogames.”- Ashok Rajagopalan (authorContinue reading “How to make use of pictures in children’s books to make reading fun?”

Does Your Child Read On His Own?

The internet would offer you a variety of suggestions about how you can encourage your child to read on his or her own. But have you tried asking your child what he or she wants to read? Some children love books while others don’t. In my opinion as a parent the reason is simple. ThoseContinue reading “Does Your Child Read On His Own?”

Why Do Children Love Reading The Same Book AGAIN And AGAIN?

A book is a gift you can open again and again. —Garrison Keillor   I must have read the story of the Three Little Piggies about 1000 times easily with my son. No I am not exaggerating. It is possible if your child chooses the same book several times over several years, even after heContinue reading “Why Do Children Love Reading The Same Book AGAIN And AGAIN?”

“Who would you like to be in a storybook?”

If you as an adult can come up with a good answer to that question in a second, you definitely deserve a prize. Try asking that question to any child and you will be amazed by how much they can come up in seconds. My work at MerryGoBooks gives me the pleasure of asking thatContinue reading ““Who would you like to be in a storybook?””

Cartoons Vs Photographs As Pictures in Story Books

    Most children love watching cartoons. Needless to say, cartoons do not have realistic pictures or photographs but most often characters with exaggerated features. Many look silly in fact but kids love them. Silliness and simplicity of the illustration style appeals to them. Any child who draws a picture is not going to beContinue reading “Cartoons Vs Photographs As Pictures in Story Books”