New Story In Every Personalised Story Book

Every child is unique and deserves to feel special. We at MerryGoBooks strive to make every child feel like super star in a story written from the scratch, specially for them, keeping their specific interests in mind. 
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Why not standard stories to choose from?

  • Standard stories lose the element of surprise before the book is delivered as you already know the story before you place the order. So when you read along with your child, the thrill of finding out what would happen next is lost, as you already know the story. On the other hand, when you order a book with MerryGoBooks, you can have the pleasure of discovering what happens next with your child.
  • Standard stories don’t give you the option of including people your child loves in the story.
  • Standard stories enable you to make it only about your child. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be in a storybook, with people whom your child loves? It could be anyone parents, grandparents, cousins, best friends and so on. It is the perfect way to preserve some very special memories.
  • Standard stories need not necessarily cover all your child’s favourite characters. At some level it is impossible.
  • Non-standardised books by MerryGoBooks makes it possible to make even wild combinations to come true. Let’s say there are two children who are best friends who would be very happy to appear in the same story book.  One likes Spider Man and the other Mermaids? Not a problem. At MerryGoBooks we can spin a take that makes room for both Spider Man and Mermaids!


If you would like to discover the world of personalised children’s books at MerryGoBooks here is how you can do it.

Fill up the order form and submit. Click Order Formto place an order

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