Help Your Child To Believe In Oneself.

Source: Pixabay

Life is beautiful but as you know it is not perfect all the time. We all face problems irrespective of our age. Problems can be intimidating. However it is extremely reassuring when someone pats us on our backs and tells us that “you can solve it” or  “you will get past this.”

Making an example of that, MerryGoBooks focuses on showing children as problem solvers in the story books personalised to their specific likes. The concept followed at MerryGoBooks allows for several levels of personalisation, including the kind of story written for a child that can be based on real life circumstances. The child can be shown as a person who although is intimidated by the problems that come her way, she believes in herself and finds a solution eventually.

How does this help?

It acts as positive reinforcement that a child can do anything, can come up with a good solution to any problem, provided he or she believes that he or she can find a way. Reading about oneself overcoming fear, finding solutions to tough problems and achieving one’s dreams through hardwork, is a great way to make a child feel good about oneself.

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