Have you done everything in the book to encourage your child to read and yet, is there no impact?

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

You might have taken all the recommended measures to encourage your children to read, such as reading a book yourself everyday, leaving books around for easy access, planning frequent library visits and so on? And yet, your child does not pick up a book to read for pleasure. If yes, revisit the times when you have taken measures to instil the reading habit in your child. Have you influenced the choice of books your child sees or reads? Do you let your child choose and then offer your opinion even if it is a negative opinion? For instance let us say your child likes comics. While you feel that he or she should move on to serious fiction/non-fiction ‘fat’ books that you read when you were younger or something that you think is apt for your kid’s age. In such a situation do you dissuade them from reading comics and dismiss them as not great reading material or something else?

I did all of the above. Sometimes, I would think that I should let my kids read what they want, but somewhere I could not help letting my own preferences creep in from time to time. Each time I did that, we would go back to square one and all the effort to make them to pick up something, anything at all to read for pleasure would go out of the door.

Did you know comics are actually good? 

Research indicates that comics are great for struggling readers as it acts as a different medium. There are pictures to break the monotony of text. As for experienced readers, comics could pose as an interesting challenge as most often comics use more difficult words that is otherwise used.

When they actually pick up something to read like a comic, it is important not to dissuade them by saying that comics are not suitable for ‘good reading’.

More information about why comics might actually be good for your child available on this article by Lucas Maxwell-A Friendly Reminder That Comics actually Help Reading

As long as they read age appropriate content, any book should be fine. Atleast they are reading…

Sadly many children associate reading with studies and performance and not for pleasure. So if they pick up a humourous book or a graphic novel or any book of their choice to relax and read and you insist that they read something that you think is more appropriate in terms of enhancing knowledge, think twice.

If you would like to be part of a reading community that discusses about making reading fun  for children, MerryGoBooks has a quickly growing community on Facebook- THE READING JOURNEY. Please feel free to join in and talk about your experiences in this regard, ask for book recommendations, suggestions to get your child interested in reading and so on. Looking forward to seeing you there.




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